The Washington Post

Galleries gathering again in once arty Georgetown

For Rebecca Cross, whose Cross MacKenzie was on Dupont’s R Street gallery row for three years, her new location is a return to Georgetown. She first opened in 2006 in Canal Square, the south-of-M Street complex that once held a half-dozen galleries. Her relocated gallery took the place of Heiner Contemporary, whose owner, Margaret Heiner, moved to Connecticut when her husband took a job there.

“What I think is very helpful is being near all these antique shops where people are thinking about their homes,” says Cross, who finds Wisconsin Avenue much livelier than R Street.

Traffic from one dealer to the next “is already happening,” she notes. “Somebody came to my gallery this morning, and she said, ‘Well, I saw something I really liked at Sue Calloway’s gallery, but it was sold, and so I’m looking for a painting.’ She came to mine next, and she probably went to Addison/Ripley after that. And that’s great.”

Mark Jenkins