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Opening Reception: May 8, 2015 6-8PM

Cross MacKenzie Gallery is pleased to announce this solo exhibition of new large paintings by Carole Bolsey.  This will be the third time the artist has shown at our gallery. 

Critic and art historian, Donald Kuspit writes eloquently about Carole Bolsey’s paintings in the book about the artist, The Shape with No Name, “Bolsey brings out the elusive transcendence of nature" and, “she has a particular gift in rendering the movement of water” and, “Her Waterfields are tours de force of vitalistic painting, and she uses blackness as the vital color Matisse thought it was, without denying the negative symbolic import it proverbially has.”

Bolsey is a magnificent colorist and each canvas is alive with vibrating colors, complicated harmonies, and daring brush strokes.  Her subject ranges from basic barn-like structures she calls, “the shape with no name,” to simple rowboats floating in reflective water.  Her skilled painting transforms these modest subjects into powerful vehicles for deep, solitary contemplation on nature and our humble place in the environment. 

Our upcoming program for 2015 will include works in ceramics, painting, and photography, as well as gallery presentations on various topics by art professionals. 

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