Current Show

Cross Mackenzie Gallery is pleased to present a show of graphite wall drawings and pen and ink works on paper by Massachusetts based artist, Lyn Horton, together with elegant black and white porcelain work by Minnesota-resident, Maren Kloppmann. Horton and Kloppmann have each shown previously at our gallery, but this is the first time their work has been paired.  Both artists work chiefly in black and white, and the juxtaposition of the seemingly chaotic and energetic lines of Lyn Horton’s drawings with Kloppmann’s quiet, grounded forms creates a harmonious dialogue of form.

Horton begins with the pure white page, activating the blank field of space with dynamic lines and movement. Kloppmann tames the messy, unruly clay medium, by coaxing it into stable, contained shapes.  Their opposites attract and the viewer is rewarded. 

Our upcoming exhibitions for the 2014-2015 season will include works in ceramics, painting, and photography, as well as collaborative shows with the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France and Ferrin Contemporary. 

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