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Walter McConnell: "Itinerant Edens: Of Fable and Facsimile"

Cross MacKenzie Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new ceramic sculpture and photographs by acclaimed sculptor Walter McConnell, concurrent with his monumental wet clay installation on view at the Katzen Arts Center.  His "wet works" are unfired environments created on site, encased in plastic sheathing forming terrarium-like worlds that remain moist and alive through the constant process of condensation within, mimicking in miniature the natural cycle of growth and decay. These site-specific pieces employ many tons of raw clay, and require teams of assistants to install - the process is a fascinating performance art in itself that includes the dismantling of these ephemeral creations. 

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Our upcoming program for 2015 will include works in ceramics, painting, and photography, as well as gallery presentations on various topics by art professionals. 

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