November 13, 2015- December 15, 2015

Cross MacKenzie Gallery is pleased to present the work of Vermont-based sculptor, Rob Hitzig whose work has evolved from the rich furniture-making tradition of his background, into these stunning well-crafted wall sculptures. The work inhabits the space between painting and sculpture, they can just as easily be described as three-dimensional paintings. They will appeal to Washingtonians who appreciate the Color School artists like Gene Davis, with their command of vertical color striping and geometric form. The Hitzigs have a little more heft and are darker in hue than any of the canvases of his predecessors. The intentional exposure of the wood grain adds a compositional element and enlivens the surface with the contrast and push-pull of the hard edges dancing over the organic patterns of the wood. Engineered to project from the wall with hidden French cleats, the wooden forms float gracefully with no distracting hardware to break the spell.

We are also thrilled to exhibit the stunning hand crafted, wooden canoe made by the artist over many months in his Montpellier studio. A master joiner, as well as an accomplished sculptor, Hitzig has made a piece of functional art worthy of the most scenic rivers in Vermont with the same techniques and exquisite care that he applies to his painted wall pieces. Hitzig enjoys making playful forays into other artistic medium when he is not working in his beloved wood. He creates one-of-a-kind art bumper stickers and original advertising billboards of his abstract designs in an effort to beautify the environment from the back of our cars to the public highways. He has certainly enhanced the walls of our gallery.  

Our upcoming program includes work in ceramics, painting, and photography, as well as gallery presentations on various topics by art professionals. 

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