Current Show

Cross MacKenzie Gallery is pleased to present a solo show of paintings by distinguished artist Mary Armstrong. Her ethereal landscapes—which shift between the ground, water, and air—explore the symbiotic relationship between the earth and it’s atmosphere, evoking both a sense of serenity and turmoil.

Armstrong’s abstract interpretations of a landscape and views of a distant horizon are informed by 19th century painting approaches. Yet the artist’s method of scraping through luscious wax and oils on panel in order to reveal hyped-up colours from underneath, lend her work a decidedly contemporary vibe. 

Mary Armstrong, a professor at Boston College, has been teaching painting since 1989. She began showing her paintings and drawings at Victoria Munroe Gallery in New York and Boston in 1985, and has since been featured in dozens of group exhibitions and been lauded with multiple awards. 

Our upcoming exhibitions for the 2014-2015 season will include works in ceramics, painting, and photography, as well as collaborative shows with the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France and Ferrin Contemporary. 

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