The Georgetowner

Georgetown Gallery Guide

Paintings and sculptures carry us through time. They stay with us through generations, encouraging us to think and to feel, offering us perspective and peppering our lives with beauty. To find a connection with a work of art is a unique, remarkable experience; and while it has the potential to function as an appreciable investment, a work of art should, foremost, be acquired out of love, connection and passion for the piece itself. [...] Rafael Torres Correa creates lyrical universes in his large abstract canvases. The surfaces are reminiscent of radiantly glazed ancient ceramics: rich planes of glazed blue and turquoise, deeply resonant of the sea, punctuated with coppery flashes of bright colors like reflective sunlight. This mesmerizing depth and movement in the work is realized through overlaying washes, drips, dabs and splashes of paint. Torres’s paintings evoke sense and memory, not dissimilar from the meditative, contemplative abstractions of Rothko, conjuring sensations of floating islands shifting in and out of focus from above. As uncertain shapes emerge, the viewer can almost perceive the contour of a distant land – perhaps a haunting gesture of the artist’s Cuban roots and his family’s journey to the United States. These landscapes are transitory territories and shifting metaphors, a state that parallels the artist’s own migrations and cultural identity.

Ari Post