David Hicks
January 2014
Small Worthy Works
December 2013
Leslie Parke Paintings from the China Series
November 8th through December 11th
Kurt Weiser
October 2013
Beth Kaminstein Ceramics & Helen Frankenthaler Prints
September 2013
Summer Group Show
June 7, 2013Gallery artists & new discoveries
"The Walls"
May 2013Photographs by John Cole
April 2013Kathy Erteman
Kurt Godwin
March 2013Through the trees
More Theories
January February 2013Walter McConnell
Helter Shelter
November 2012An exploration into the Organization of Temporary Communities
Photographs by Maxwell MacKenzie
An Exhibition at the AIA Headquarters Gallery
1735 New York Avenue WDC 20006
"Macho" Considering Masculinity
December 2012

Cross Mackenzie is pleased to present a group show of 12 artists whose work represents 12 distinct considerations of contemporary masculinity.

Skip Brown, Paul Di Pasquale, Joel D'Orazio, Jim French, Joe Hicks, Allen Linder, Max MacKenzie, Rogelio Maxwell, Camden Place, James Rieck, Diana Williams, Charlie Sleichter

November 2012Paintings by Scooter Flaherty and Sculpture by Jon McMillan - Opening November 1st, Opening Reception November 2nd, 6-8pm
Jason Walker
October 2012Jason Walker in collaboration with the Ferrin Gallery - Opening October 5th
Wall Drawings and Works on Paper
September 2012Lyn Horton "Wall Drawings and Works on Paper" - Opening September 7th
Summer Group Show
July 2012Trevor Young and More New Favorites - Opening July 6 Add photo "Trevor Young" oil painting on panel 12" x 12"
Mary Armstrong and Anthony Stellaccio
May 2012Mary Armstrong and Anthony Stellaccio
April 2012John Brown, Chuck Anthony, Ellen Wagener, Lyn Horton, Laurel Lukaszewski Read review in Washington Post
Peter Charles
March 2012Paintings and Screens
Hyung Kyun Yoon
January 2012Wall installation
Tati Kaupp
DecemberNew Paintings
Charles Birnbaum
November"An Orgy of Form"
Rose-Lynn Fisher
October "The Landscape of Bees"
Ultra Close-up Black and White Photographs of Bees
For More info on the artwork read this pdf.
Michael Fujita
September 16 2011
David Hicks
April 2011New works by Dave Hicks
March 2011New Magazine Cover Paintings - Cindy Kane
January 2011 Tamara Laird
"Serve it Forth"
Nov 19th opening Group Platter Show
October 29Sarah Lindley
Architectural Ceramic Work
Sept 17thKathy Erteman
Opening Sept 17th 6-8
Button Boxes
June, 2010Elizabeth Kendall
Big Birds
May, 2010Andrea Luria
Sofa New York
April 2010Featuring Gallery Artists: Walter McConnell, Patrick Bermingham, Dave Hicks, Tamara Laird, Diana Williams, Gary Erickson, Neil Forrest, Matthew Frietas, and others.
Sofa New York
Vine Series
March 2010John Brown
Snow White
January 15, 2010The absence of color in the ceramics of Christa Assad, Charles Birnbaum, Jean-Marie Grenier, Jeff Irwin, and Maren Kloppmann, Opening Reception January 15th, 2010 6-8pm thru March 5th
China: Images of Porcelain on Porcelain
Nov 6McConnell will recreate his installation piece "The Theory of Everything" in our gallery.
Group Show
Sept 18 thru Oct 2009A group show of works by David Hicks, Chris Gustin, Lars Westby, Jason Green, Gary Erickson, James Lawton, Neil Forrest, Diana Williams and Bret Price
"Milgrom on Morandi"
June 19 thru Sept 2009Lilianne Milgrom's Ceramics and Paintings
"Urban Fossils"
May 17 thru June 17, 2009Cross MacKenzie Gallery is pleased to present this exhibition of evocative new work by renowned sculptor Paul Di Pasquale.
March 6 thru April 15, 2009Neil Forrest paired with photographs by Norman Barker & Giraud Foster
"Cup Invitational" and "Huts"
April 17 thru May 15, 2009"Huts" architectural photographs by Prakash Patel and a "Cup Invitational".
"New Wave Paintings"
Januray 9, 2009 thru Feb 2009Wendy Garner
David Hicks
November 2008
"The Miner's Canary Project"
Sept 2008Gregg Moore
"Architects Fired II"
October 2008
Foto Week DC - "DC's Architectural Photographers"
One Week, November 2008
"Trompe L'oeil"
June 2008
December 2007Suzanne Codi's DOGS
October 2007"Moieties" — artists Elizabeth Kendall, Judt Varga, and Mila Kagan
September 2007 artist Tati Kaupp
June 15th thru Summer"Perforations" — Ruth Borgenicht, Tony Marsh, Michal Zehavi
May 18th - June 15"Bowled Over"
Featuring — Kathy Erteman, Barbara Liotta, Jim Thomson
April 20th -May 16INVALT DESIGN "Snap Cups"
March 2007Installation of the artist's "Theory of Everything"
Jan 19 thru Mar 1 2007Figurative work by Sculptors Paul Di Pasquale and Patrick Bermingham. DiPasquale unveils his model for a life size portrait of PIERRE L'ENFANT and shows sketches from his monumental "NEPTUNE" statue erected in Virginia Beach. Bermingham will show his terra cotta bas reliefs.
Valerie Zimany
Dec 2006
Architects Fired
Fall 2006"Architects Fired" is an invitational show featuring the fired clay work of 12 of Washington's hottest architects.
Oct. 20 thru Nov. 15 Following the long tradition of artistsic teapots, "Coffee" will feature ceramic artists who explore the subject of coffee from cultivating the bean to pouring vessels.
Fall 2006"RAKU" - artist, educator, and raku expert Patrick Caughy, curates an exhibition showcasing the best local and national work representing this ancient technique.
"Serve it Forth"
June 16 thru summer "Serve it Forth" celebrates the art of presenting a feast. Jamaican artist, Sam Wallace's beautiful carved chargers make a dramatic statement for the table or the wall.
Architectural Ceramics
May 19 – June 13 "Architectural Ceramics" features a brick installation by architect Philip Esocoff, FAIA along with work by ceramic artists, Robert Winokur, Solveig Cox, Jason Green & Eric O'Leary.
April 21 – May 18
March 15 – April 20